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Overdue introduction Empty Overdue introduction

Post by Asdrubael82 on Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:08 am

Hello gents and gals,

long overdue introduction from me, current nick AR Asdru (formerly known as Asdrubael82).

Real name: Dennis Aaltink (feel free to look me up and add me on Facebook).
Age: 32
Occupation: Sergeant Royal Dutch Navy. Served in Afghanistan, several times in Somalia (counter piracy) and even was involved in relief operations in Biloxi in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.
Hobbies: Playing Forza 5 and riding my bike (Kawasaki VN900 Custom)
Location: Netherlands
Favourite class: D

I've been recruited to be your tuner. I've got several tunes online (look for Asdru). Feel free to poke me if you want me to make a custom tune. If you've got a build and need help setting help setting it up please feel free to poke me.

Always happy to be of service.

Also I am looking for a good painter to make me a sticker for the Veterans MC (look it up on Google).


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