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Post by AR Projekt on Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:22 pm

Listed below are the rules that Advanced Racing members should follow at all times:

Rule #1:  Act professional.  Whether in an online lobby or in an organized event, you are a representative of our team and community so we ask that you treat teammates and competitors with respect.  

Rule #2:  Respect your teammates.  Advanced Racing is both a team and a community so respecting one another is a huge piece towards our success.  Always respect your teammates on the forums as well as out on the track.  

Rule #3:  Remain active within the Community.  Part of our goal at Advanced Racing is to host community events as well as compete online, so we would like our team members to be as active as possible on the forums and on the track.  We want to make Advanced Racing one of the best virtual racing teams in the country, and having active community members will help us achieve that goal.

Rule #4:  We those that want to be part of the Advancing Racing Team: We ask that you change your gamertag to AR (whatever you'd like your gamertag to be) so that we can start getting our name out into the Forza community.  We ask that gamertags not include numbers just to try and keep the gamertags as professional-looking as possible.
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